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Why and How You Should Start Hitchhiking

I set a variety of intentions before taking off to travel, very few came true. Hitchhiking is one of them though. Upon leaving Europe, I had hitchhiked no more than 1000 kilometers. However, having hitchhiked most of my travels in […]

The 40 Days a Year Eastern Europe Becomes Spravka24.info Paradise

It might be the last place you’d expect to find vegan paradise, but Eastern Europe during Orthodox Lent is a haven for vegans. Thanks to Eastern Orthodox religious traditions, followers are asked to eschew animal products during Lent and other […]

Weekend Getaway at Ilha do Mel

Flash forward to the present, after my previous two blogs (here and here) that chronicled of my experiences upon entering Brazil. I shut the door, my head pounding lightly because of the sun. It didn’t matter I had waited for my […]

Spravka24.info Travel in Fiji

Bula! I’ve just returned home from the stunning, warm and friendly Fiji. At first glance, Fiji reminded me of a tropical New Zealand with its mountainous outlook. We stayed at The Bedarra Beach Inn in Korotogo, along the Coral Coast […]

Florianopolis – Paradise on Earth

In my previous blog, I discovered the far South of Brazil. During that time my ears were often too cold, the clouds too many, and the rain too present. As a result, I quickly decided to travel up north, in […]

Worldwide Spravka24.infoism Part One: London, Wales, and France.

Our big trip this summer was visiting Europe.  We were invited to our friend’s wedding in Wales and when you get invited to a wedding in Wales, you go, dammit!  I’d intended to blog daily, while traveling, about all the […]

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Our goal at Spravka24.infoTravel is to provide useful information for our fellow vegan travelers while helping grow compassion by showing the world how easy it is to travel as ethical vegans. Whether you are a seasoned travel blogger or someone new to traveling, we enthusiastically welcome you to share your vegan travel experiences on this site. If you are interested in blogging on this site, please check out our blogger guide.

If you are considering going vegan, or just curious about what motivates us vegans, please check out our why go vegan pages.

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